Hello! I'm Amir


I'm a Software Engineer. Currently, I'm working as a Senior Full Stack developer for tribe.so.


Pedro Afonso

Amir is the type of person that has the courage to take challenging projects. I highlight his professionalism, dedication and the capacity to solve problems. I will be waiting to see his next promising steps on the labor market!

Rodrigo Castro

The evolution that Amir had and the personal and professional development that he went through is remarkable. His problem-solving attitude and ability to be ever more professional was surprising. I hope I can work with Amir in the future and I surely recommend him as someone with strong and passionate working ethics.

Hugo Ribeiro

Having Amir Ahangari will be a valuable asset to reach disruption through proactivity, ideas and critical thinking. Moreover, his experience so far and knowledge will be a fundamental his next professional challenge. I totally recommend him to any professional and ambitious company.


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